Group of Agromeril companies Founded in 2006 by owners Arminas Kildisis and Raimondas Zdancius.

2006 open companies: Agromeril, Estonia and Agrosfera, Latvia

2009 open company Agrosfera, Lithuania

2015 open new SORTEX factory in Vidukle, Lithuania

2018 open 17000t silo in Lithuania

Total group employees: 60

Locations: 8 across 4 countries

Turnover: more than €45 million

Main products: pulses, fava beans, yellow peas, wheat, triticale, rapeseed, oats, unskined oats, spelt, corn, sunflower meal, sugarbeat pulp cacke, Soya protein, rapeseed meal, buckwheat bran, wheat bran, corn milkstage silage, unrefined oil, refined hot pressed sunflower oil.

We are committed to establish our brand presence in business and constantly are eager to develop new trading partners, while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships we have already established with local companies in the last 14 years.

Group mission and strategy Our environment dictates what we do and strive for. We believe the following trends are key in shaping the industry:

• Rising demand for food: the world’s population is growing and standard of living is increasing across the world. At the same time, arable land is limited resulting in ever larger quantity of agricultural produce grown in each area.

• Evolution of agriculture and food industry practices in the CEE: the region is evolving in terms of efficiency of production and quality of its agricultural products and is on course to realize its potential as a key player in the global supply chain.



Agromeril owners very well known persons in Grains and Fertilizers business between agriculture players in North Europe and MENA countries.

Last 5 years both owners as CEO Agrosfera, Lithuania and CEO Agrosfera, Latvia organized and executed export of pulses and grains to the countries across the European Union, Middle East and North Africa, Asia.

Last 5 years Mr.Arminas Kildisis organized wholesale trading of faba beans in MENA (Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Morrocco) and yellow peas in ASIA (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh).

Last 13 years Mr. Raimondas Zdancius managed team of experts for trading in Grains, Pulses and Fertilizers. He have many years of experience sourcing products from a variety of international origins (especialy Russia, Ukraine, Kazachstan origin) and finding the lowest prices for the best quality. He are experts in trading and logistic service.

Since 2006, both owners has a very close cooperate with Lithuanian Grain Growers' Association, Lithuanian Rapeseed Growers’ Association, Lithuanian Confederation of Industriualist (member since 2009). At 2012-2017 owner Mr. Arminas Kildišis was the Vice-President for Lithuanian Association of Agricultural Cooperatives. 

AGROSFERA has been certified since 2012 by ISCC, in 2014 by GMP+, in 2011, 2012, 2013, and awarded with , ‚The COUNTRY Leader TOP 1‘ certificate issued by CREDITINFO 2015.

AGROSFERA is in TOP 5 of the ‘Fastest growing Private Companies in Europe’ as per INC.5000 Europe 2015, Barcelona. (Source: http://www.inc.com/profile/uab-AGROSFERA)

AGROSFERA has recently been awarded as ‘Winner’ of ‘Gazele 2015’ by the Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė.